if you suspect it, report it
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human trafficking

People are being
traded like property

Human Trafficking is slavery. Today. millions of people are sold into slavery world-wide.
Only 1% are ever rescued.

human trafficking

Modern day slavery

Human trafficking is a horrific crime that exploits people for profit. It involves the use of force, fraud, or coercion to control and exploit victims in various forms, including forced labour, sexual exploitation, or domestic servitude. Traffickers target vulnerable individuals, often lured by false promises of jobs or better lives, only to be subjected to physical and psychological abuse. This global issue affects millions of people of all ages and backgrounds. It’s happening in your backyard.

end slavery

Slavery is...

...more stoppable
than ever before


There are no limits to age, caste, colour, class, sex, creed, or race. Traffickers target any and all vulnerabilities in people, in practically every country around the globe.


While there’s virtually no country where trafficking doesn’t exist, some places have more vulnerable people than others. These places become primary targets.


People are bought and traded into slavery for the purposes of sexual exploitation, forced labour, domestic servitude, child begging, child soldiers, and organ harvesting.

it doesn’t have to be this way

There are more slaves in the world
today than any other point in history

You can help us bring an end to modern-day slavery.

how it happens

How people
are trafficked

Using force, fraud, or coercion traffickers recruit their victims.

*Information comes from A21.